“Once her body adjusted to my girth, she picked up the pace. Raising my hips upward, I matched her every thrust. She spread her knees and leaned forward. Her long brown hair brushing my face, tits bouncing above me, hands digging into my shoulders. Her pace increased to the point I could no longer keep up. Trying not to cum, I watched her face.
Flush cheeked, she bit at her bottom lip. Eyes wild with need, nostrils flaring; she fucked me with hunger. Seeking her orgasm like a jungle cat attacking its prey; single minded and unrelenting. It was all becoming more than I could take. My mind and body ached for release.”

It was the early 80’s and I was a geeky teen, with little sexual experience. Jennie was 38, recently divorced and my aunt’s best friend.

She wanted to feel desired again. I just wanted to get laid. Together we found what we both desperately needed.